The proud and the humble…

From this doctrine we may have the description, both of a proud man, and of an humble. He is a proud man, who being ignorant or insensible of his sinfulness and infirmities, doth lift up himself in some vaine confidence, to follow some unwarrantable course, for satisfying his own minde, and will not submit himself unto Gods dispensation. Again, he is an humble man, who in the sense of his sins and infirmities standeth in awe of God, keepeth himself within the bounds of his calling and commission, renounceth all confidence in his own wit, and submitteth unto Gods dealing, in hope to be helped by God in all things, as he standeth in need.

David Dickson, A Brief Explication of the Last Fifty Psalmes, 270-271

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Life happens here yet again…

At Trinity Reformed Church, Edgewood, New Mexico, we have some kids in our services. All of our kids. And we delight in that. Sometimes there are disruptions because of our kids. When that happens, I am likely to say “Life happens here.” Because it does. Christ’s church is a place of life, and sometimes life is disrupted and disruptive.

From time to time, as I pick up our spent copies of the Order of Worship to use as firestarters, I find artwork. Some of it is quite good, most is a delight to me, because…well…Life happens here.

I thought I’d share my delight with you.

Fourth after Trinity 2015

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Things they didn’t teach me in seminary…

Adobe InDesign

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The LORD is righteous; He has cut in pieces the cords of the wicked.
Psalm 129:4

When the wicked have ploughed as much of God’s husbandry,
as he thinketh good to suffer them, then he stoppeth their
designs and looseth their plough.

David Dickson, A Commentary on the Psalms, 433

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Heirloom and ensign…

Persecution is the heirloom and ensign of the church.


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They are but barren grass…

Provided we not only dwell in the Church of the Lord, but also labor to have a place among the number of her genuine citizens, we will be able fearlessly to despise all the might of our enemies: for although they may flourish and have a great outward show for a time, yet they are but barren grass, on which the curse of heaven rests.

Calvin, Commentary on the Book of Psalms, V:127

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Sorrow and Resolve…

It is a mingled hymn of sorrow and strong resolve.

CHS on Psalm 129

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