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How the word of God is to be heard…

Let the word of God be heard with great reverence, which of right is due to God himself and godly things. Let it be heard very attentively; with continual prayers between and earnest requests. Let it be heard soberly to … Continue reading

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However wonderful…

However wonderful and beautiful and glorious things may be, they all perish. That is why, perhaps, the saddest of all failures in life is the failure of the philosopher who believes in worshipping goodness, beauty and truth; because there is … Continue reading

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Now, what is the reason that God suffers affliction to lie so long upon the backs of his children: truly one is, because they have lived so long in sin; they have been long a sinning, and therefore God is … Continue reading

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All the decrees…

All the decrees of Christian faith, with every way how to live rightly, well and holily, and finally, all true and heavenly wisdom, have always been fetched out of the testimonies or determinate judgments, of the word of God; neither … Continue reading

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Signs of covenant faithfulness…

I know that I have said it before…two or three years ago when we had heavy snow… We think lots of things when snow falls…how pretty it is…how dangerous the driving is…that it is a form of precipitation that this … Continue reading

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Collect: Christ the King…

Almighty and everlasting God, who has exalted your beloved Son to be King over all worlds, and willed in him to make all things new: mercifully grant that the kindreds of the earth which are wounded and dispersed by sin … Continue reading

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The devil’s bed…

…it is truly the devil’s bed to wallow in insults and reviling. John Chrysostom, “The Golden-Mouthed,” Homilies on Matthew, LI

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