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The destruction of the republic…

City of God, II.22… At present I speak of the decay of morality, which at first almost imperceptibly lost its brilliant hue, but afterwards was wholly obliterated, was swept away as by a torrent, and involved the republic in such … Continue reading

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And be eaten…

Barry Webb on Isaiah 7:10-25… Whatever we rely on instead of trusting in God will eventually turn and devour us.

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The Republic of true justice…

City of God, II.21… But the fact is, true justice has no existence save in that republic whose founder and ruler is Christ, if at least any choose to call this a republic; and indeed we cannot deny that it … Continue reading

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Guaranteed calamity…

Alec Motyer on Isaiah 7:17… Ahaz may have had every political skill, logic, the harvested results of diplomatic experience – all ‘the facts of the real world’ – but when the people of God operate by ‘what stands to reason’ … Continue reading

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Take that! [slap…slap…slap]

City of God, II.1… If the feeble mind of man did not presume to resist the clear evidence of truth, but yielded its infirmity to wholesome doctrines, as to a health-giving medicine, until it obtained from God, by its faith … Continue reading

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Be careful what you ask for…

Ahaz has asked for the king of Assyria; he shall have the king of Assyria. Sometimes the greatest punishment that can come to us is to have our own desires and prayers granted.

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There needs be an enemy…

City of God, I.30… It was such a calamity as this that Scipio, your chief pontiff, your best man in the judgment of the whole senate, feared when he refused to agree to the destruction of Carthage, Rome’s rival and … Continue reading

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