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A new picture…

I figured out how to post my own picture at the head of the blog. This is the view from our home down to the plain below. The white structure in the center of the picture is Trinity Reformed Church, … Continue reading

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Don’t get the wrong idea…

The new picture at the head of the blog, like the last one, is not of my choosing. Apparently, WordPress decided I needed a new picture. We do live in a pastoral setting, but not in the English countryside with … Continue reading

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Wrong both ways…

When Yahweh met with Moses on Mount Sinai, He gave Moses the Ten Commandments, which we also call “the Decalogue,” literally the ‘ten words.’ When we think and talk about the Decalogue we frequently break it into two pieces, the … Continue reading

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Congregational Prayer: January 23, 2011

Our Father and our God, we give you thanks for the great blessings You have showered upon us in our Savior, Jesus Christ. He alone is our Redeemer from the bondage we had to sin and death. He alone is … Continue reading

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Radio Silence…

Going to be down for a couple of days. Christ’s blessings on y’all. We rejoice in the Lord…becuase we can.

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In God’s court of law…

“You say, ‘Such a thing could not occur in an earthly court of law.’ Ay, but it has happened in God’s court of law. In the great court of King’s Bench, where God is judge of all, it has happened. … Continue reading

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Education as curse…

“…as an accountable and immortal creature, you are to regard all other kinds of improvement as subordinate to the culture of the heart; and…your acquisitions, if they are not sanctified by divine grace, will ultimately prove a curse to you rather … Continue reading

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