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Table Meditation: December 26, 2010…

Preachers like to have good technique. And they borrow technique. When I borrow technique from the Apostle Paul, I think I can probably depend upon it. In his letters, Paul often pulls Scripture from here…and from here…and puts it together. … Continue reading

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Why the Manger?…

The world, at its very best, thinks that the manger communicates warm and fuzzy, cute, and safe. They have no idea of the power that resides there, how dangerous the manger really is. They have no inkling that the babe … Continue reading

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Congregational Prayer: December 26, 2010

We come to You this morning, O God, with hearts full of thanksgiving and praise. We praise You for your infinite perfections, for Your glory that is written large on Your creation, for your power, majesty and dominion. Great are … Continue reading

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War song…

The war song of the Prince of Peace… Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased.

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Christmas breakfast…

The aromas of sizzling butter, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg…what’s not to like about this?

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Christmas didn’t look like this in Texas…

…or Florida.

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Merry Christmas!!!

Been busy trying to get ready for tonight’s Lessons and Carols and the open house afterward. And I’ll be busy getting ready to preach Sunday. So maybe we’ll still have radio silence until sometime next week. Christ’s blessings upon you. … Continue reading

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Table Prayer December 19, 2010

Our Father and our God, we have come into Your presence this day a people humble, but certainly not humble enough, a people repentant, but certainly not repentant enough. One thing is for certain; we are a people forgiven, through … Continue reading

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Preaching to your own hurt…

Our pastor is a hypocrite! Of course, I am our pastor. So I should know. And I hope, for the sake of your church, and Christ’s whole church, that your pastor and your elders are hypocrites as well. In Psalm … Continue reading

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Spiritual revival the want of the church…

Spurgeon on Habakkuk 3:2… Lord, revive thy work.  “We have not earnestness, we have not life as we once had; if we had, we should be called worse names than we are; we should have viler epithets thrown at us, … Continue reading

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