Congregational Prayer: September 8, 2019

Our Holy Father and our God, we gather here together on the Lord’s Day to give You thanks for Your goodness and praise You for Who You are.

Thank You for the redeeming work that You have done through Your Son, Jesus Christ, offering Him as the atoning sacrifice to satisfy Your wrath against the sins of those who call upon His name. We were dead in our trespasses and sins, and it was only the enlivening work of Jesus Christ, through Your Holy Spirit that allows us to have eternal life, to be free from the burdens of our trespasses and alive to You. With that, we pray that You would look upon us and see us cloaked in Christ’s righteousness, work in our lives by Holy Spirit and the ordinary means of grace, shape us more in the image of Your Son, preserve us until our passing from this life and resurrect us when time as we know it comes to an end.

Thank You for the creation of Christ’s body, the Church, for those whom You have used before us to instruct, shape and strengthen. Thank You for the CREC, for the churches in Knox Presbytery, and for this particular church. Thank You for the opportunity to join together to worship the Triune God on the Lord’s Day. We pray that You would superintend our worship by Holy Spirit, that our worship would be in beauty and truth, and would rise a pleasing aroma of sacrifice to Your nostrils. We pray, Father, that You would give wisdom and insight surpassing human abilities to our session as they work through our pastoral search.

We pray, Father, that You would lead us, by Holy Spirit, to know how to live together as a church, that our worship would show forth Your power, that our love for one another would be witness to Your love, that we might be known to be Christians without the asking of a question, but through the witness of our lives, apart and together.

We thank You for the children You have blessed us with. We thank You for the opportunity to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and for the resources You have provided for us to do that. We thank You for the resources we have for homeschooling, both content and people. We thank You for faithful Christian schools, especially Logos School, Lewis Clark Christian School, Jubilee School and New Saint Andrews College. We pray for the faithfulness of the places our children are educated, whether at home or in school, for we know that faithfulness comes from You and not from us.

We pray, O Father, for the children of our church who have strayed from Christ’s pathways, or have never trod them. We pray for those who are walking close to the edge, who are finding themselves tempted by the ways of the world. We pray that the Good Shepherd would go out and find them where they are, O God, that he would take them from the wicked pathways they have chosen, that they have started upon, and return them to pathways of righteousness, that He would make them to lie down in green pastures and lead them beside still waters.

We thank You for the households You have placed us in. We pray that we would be found faithful in them as husbands, wives and children. Where there is strife, we pray that You would bring repentance and restoration. We pray that our households would be hospitable, inviting and welcoming of those within and without this church body. May we extend the love of Christ to those around us in deed as well as word.

We pray, O God, for the healing of those within our households. We know that You are the one who made the human body, and that You are the one who heals it, whether through the healing gifts and talents of those who practice medicine, or through Your direct action in the lives and bodies of those in physical need. Knowing Your power, we pray for XXXX, for YYYY. We know, O God, that physical illness is a picture of curse, and that Your Son, Jesus Christ, came to make blessing flow far as curse is found. Show forth blessing on these, O God, and show Christ’s power in removing these signs of curse.

We thank You that we live in a land of unparalleled freedoms. We thank You that we are able to live quiet lives and that You have given us work to support our families. With all that, O God, we confess that our land is far from Your righteousness, and there is great and abounding sin afoot. We pray for our country, O God, and indeed for the whole world, that governments and peoples would have their hearts turned to Your Son, and that righteousness would be their goal. We pray especially for those who govern our cities, this state, and this country, whether elected, appointed or employed, President Trump, Governor and Mayors, the Legislatures, the administrations, that they would govern in righteousness. We pray especially, O Father, that the bloodshed of abortion would cease, here and abroad. We know that we as the church bear corporate guilt for what is going on here, and we understand that when the judgment of discipline comes it will likely come upon us along with the rest of our nation. Help us to comprehend that truth and to acquit ourselves as those who are Christ’s when that day comes.

We give You thanks for the way that the church thrives outside of this country, in places like China, Africa, Myanmar. We pray O Father, that the persecution of the saints in those places would cease, and that they, as well, might live quiet lives with the ability to serve and worship You without physical or political fear. And we pray that the blood of the martyrs might again be the seed of the church.

And Father, we praise You for who You are. You are the One, True, Living God. You know the end all the way from the beginning. You created everything from nothing, You formed man from dust and breathed life into him. Your being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth are infinite, eternal and unchangeable. When bless Your Holy Name, with those who have gone before, we recount Your goodness to Your people through all ages and generations, from Your promise of a savior to Eve even to childlike sounds of life in this place as we worship. With cherubim and seraphim we join the unending hymn…Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of Hosts. Heaven and earth are full of Your glory. Hosanna in the highest.

And Amen!

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