Congregational Prayer 20190113

Our Holy Father and our God, we give You thanks for this day You have given us. The Sabbath is indeed a delight, a blessing given by Your hand, and we thank You for giving us a day of rest. We thank You for this church and for the faithful men of this church and of Christ Church who labored to establish it here in L. Thank You for our pastor, M, his wife and children, and their commitment to this church and to us. We thank You for his faithful preaching of Your Word, and with that ask that You would, indeed, put Your word in his mouth, that he would declare and expound it faithfully, clearly and boldly, and that we would be eager hearers. Guide us, as a congregation, to give Matt and his family the support they need to be joyful and refreshed in their shared ministry.

Thank You, Father, for faithful elders, M, R and S. Thank You for the gifts and talents You have given them, and for their commitment to this church and her people. With that, O God, we pray that You would uphold them with an overflowing measure of Your spirit and strength for the task of watching over our souls. May we, as their flock, obey and submit to them, that they might do so with joy and not grief.

Thank You for providing a new home for this church to meet in. May it be a blessing to this church in weeks and years to come, and may we make good use of it for Christ’s Kingdom.

We thank You. Father, for our co-laborers in the service of Christ’s Kingdom here in LL and C…S, L Church, G, First Church, Trinity Baptist, First Nazarene, and A. We pray that they, and we, might be found faithful in the calling of spreading the Gospel and Christ’s Kingdom here.

Thank You for the many children You have brought into our midst, and the blessing it is to have them and hear them in worship. Life happens here, Father, and it happens abundantly. Thank You for the work of these parents in raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Thank You for the increase You have brought in that way, and for the increase You are bringing. We hold K and the N’s yet-unborn child up before You and ask Your nurture and protection, that we will have healthy mother and healthy baby when her time is full.

Thank You for providing us with livelihoods that enable us to support our households and this church. Thank You for this country we live in, where we enjoy unparalleled freedom and prosperity. We pray for our government and for those who govern, whether elected, appointed or employed, that they might govern in accordance with Your law and purposes. We pray that we would enjoy Christ’s prosperity and be able to live quiet and peaceable lives.

We pray for those among us in need of healing in spirit and body, O God. For the wayward ones we carry as burdens in our hearts, we ask that You would make us instant in prayer for them, and that in Your sovereign grace they would be drawn to Christ. For those who waver, for those who are discouraged, for those who are life-worn, we pray that You would gird them with strength and joy to sustain them in their weariness.

We pray for those with physical ailments, Father, especially for A, that he would have quick and complete healing, for B, that he would be healed of G, for C, that he would be healed of H, and for D, that the course of action that his parents have chosen would be effective in bringing about the desired changes in his body and life. And we pray for E and F that they would know Your joy and strength for their labors.

We pray, Father, for the ministries of this church, for JS and LCC S. We pray that You would provide for them in every needed way, with teachers, students, administration, location, resources. And we pray that You would slaughter a couple of those cattle on Your thousand hills that they might be provided for financially.

And Father, we know that Your word tells us that we actually don’t know what to pray for. We thank You that You have given us Holy Spirit as interpreter and advocate. And we ask that by Holy Spirit our prayers, our praises and petitions might be made complete.

Father, all of this in Christ’s holy name we pray.


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