The Prayers You Left Behind…

In 2011 I was still early in my days of pastoring a mission church in the East Mountains of New Mexico, about 20 miles east of Albuquerque. The pastor of our sponsoring church commended blogging to me, as a way to try to draw folks in. So I started this blog. Well…that didn’t seem to work.

Maybe the reason was that I didn’t put much of my own thought out there…at least not in the way we think about that. I didn’t publish many of my thoughts about much of anything…not enough to draw any attention. What I did post was prayers. Prayers for the congregation…prayers before preaching…prayers after preaching…prayers at the Lord’s Table. Probably over 1,000 of them. And before I left the pastorate I knew that there were folks who would search and find them.

For the last 29 months I have posted very little on the blog. Frankly, I have too busy, and I don’t think that I have much to say that will edify the broad group of people that is the target of a blog. But today, in preparation for posting quotes out of some reading I am doing, I went back and looked. And am amazed. The blog, barely touched since December of 2015, appears to be drawing over 20,000 hits a year.

It’s the prayers. People are coming in and looking for prayers. And I left them behind where they could find them. Find them they have, apparently. I guess it’s a good legacy to leave behind.

So…Rogers, thank you for suggesting the blogging. Congregation of Trinity Reformed Church, thank you for the opportunity to be your pastor. And to those of you who come looking for prayers, thank you for the encouragement.

Rejoicing in the Lord…because we can.

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