Prayer of Thanksgiving: February 12, 2017

Our Holy Father and our God, we give You thanks for this day, and each day that You give us. We give you thanks for the beauty of the place you have set us in, for the productivity of the land around us, and the abundant harvest You bring forth from it.

We give You thanks for faithful churches, faithful elders and deacons, faithful pastors and teachers. Especially this day we thank You for this particular church, for Trinity, and for Christ Church Spokane and her pastor, Kenton Spratt. We thank you for faithful preaching of Your word week by week, by which we are instructed and our minds are renewed, and faithful administration of the sacraments, water and table, by which we are marked out with the name of Christ and sustained. We pray, O God, that in these things they and we might be found ever more faithful.

We thank you for the labors you set before us each day, whereby we are able to provide for our needs and those around us, and through which Your Kingdom grows as seed cast upon the ground.

We give You thanks for the households you have set us in, and the blessings that are ours in them. We thank You for the children You have given us to raise, and this day especially for the births of M and S. We pray, O Father, that they might possess the gates of Christ’s enemies.

And we thank You, O God, for that greatest of all blessings, that in giving us to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, You have made us Yours, and that You promise to be God to us and to our children. We thank You for the life You have given us now, and the eternal life that has already begun and is ours forever in Jesus Christ. And we pray, O God, that in Him, by Holy Spirit, You would make us ever more thankful, that our thanks and praise might be ever more complete, and that we might prove faithful in being content.

All this in Christ’s Holy Name we pray.


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