On biblical government…

Somebody looked at this one from the Archive today. Seems appropriate for our current time.

Livin' in the foothills

I was asked last night to respond to a question on Facebook:

From a Biblical perspective, which form of government is better and why? Representative Democracy (Republic — USA) or Monarchy (Divine Right of Kings — Middle Ages)?

When I tried to post a comment this morning, it would not post. And since it’s an interesting topic in this soon-to-be-election season, I thought I would post the answer here…it should automatically post in FB as well…here goes

Well, at first blush I have to say that representative government is the biblical model. But not the kind of ‘representative government’ most folks think of. If you look at how Yahweh structured the government of His covenant people, Israel, it was properly considered a ‘theocracy.’ Yahweh was the ‘capital-K’ King, and those who ruled were ‘theocrats.’ They were a representative government, but they were representing Yahweh, as opposed to representing the people…

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