Congregational Prayer: August 30, 2015…

Our Holy Father and our God, we do, indeed, give You thanks and praise for Your goodness. We bless Your holy name, O God, as we remember Your mighty acts, as we look back at the Old Testament and see the redemption of Israel from Egypt…as we see, O God, the return of Judah from exile in Babylon. And Father, we give You thanks as we see that mightiest redemption of all. We bless Your holy name, O God, as we look and see the redemption You wrought for the church in Jesus Christ…our Savior, our Lord, and our Bridegroom.

We bless Your holy name, O God, that from all eternity You knew our need, and made provision for it in Him…indeed, O God, as we have fellowship in flesh and blood, He took on flesh and blood, that in it we might have fellowship with Him, and He with us…and Father, that He could take our sins in human flesh on the cross, and pay that debt once, for all of Christ’s church.

Father, we give You thanks for bringing us together as a church. We pray that You would bless us in our worship, O God, and bless us in our fellowship. We give You thanks for this place for us to meet, that has been provided for us and thank You for those who thought decades ago to put this place here, and for your provision through them.

We thank You, O God, for Christ’s church as we know it and see it around the world and pray for Your blessings on it. We read in Your Scriptures, O God, that Your Son prayed that we might be one, and we pray indeed that He, by Your Spirit, would be about the work of bringing that to fruition.

We give You thanks, O God, especially for the CREC, and we pray for Your blessings on Pastor Craw and Pastor Wilson, and the session and people up in Meeker, those who watch over us and shepherd us.

Father, we pray for our brothers and sisters at Trinity Santa Cruz and their pastor, Jason Farley, and ask for Your blessings on them. We pray for our brothers and sisters in the churches in Poland, the Ukraine, and all of Eastern Europe, and ask for Your blessings and protection on them, that they might know your favor, that they might see growth. We pray for their faithfulness, and that by Your Spirit You would keep them in that.

We do pray for Christ’s church, O God, that she might be found faithful. Where she is not, O God, we pray that judgment might start at the house of God, that You would bring that faithfulness about.

Father, we thank you for the healing you bring. We know that one of the sufferings of this life in flesh and blood is illness, and we pray for healing…


And Father, we pray that our eyes would be fixed on Jesus, that at each point in time in our endeavors we might be able to say “But I see Jesus…” and seeing Him, O God, we pray that by Your Spirit You might bring it into our hearts to believe, to trust, O God. We pray for Your forgiveness of our sins. When we sin, O God, and surely until that day comes for us we will, we pray that You would make that less and less in us.

And Lord, we pray for the blessings of deeper and deeper assurance, greater and greater confidence in Christ and greater and greater out-workings of these things in our lives.

Father, all of this we pray in Christ’s holy name.


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