How the word of God is to be heard…

Livin' in the foothills

Let the word of God be heard with great reverence, which of right is due to God himself and godly things. Let it be heard very attentively; with continual prayers between and earnest requests. Let it be heard soberly to our profit, that by it we may become the better, that God by us may be glorified, and not that we go curiously about to search out the hidden counsels of God, or desire to be counted skillful and expert in many matters. Let true faith, the glory of God and our salvation be appointed as the measure and certain end of our hearing and reading.

Heinrich Bullinger: “Of the Word of God; to Whom and to What End It Was Revealed; Also in What Manner It Is to Be Heard; and that It Doth Fully Teach the Whole Doctrine of Godliness,” TWIST, pp. 69-70

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