Probably applies in democracies, too…

A real king is one who recognizes that, in governing his kingdom, he is a true minster of God. Conversely, whoever does not reign with a view to serving God’s glory acts not as a ruler, but as a robber. He is deceived who expects prolonged success when princely rule is not guided by God’s sceptre, that is, by his holy word. For heaven’s edict does not lie when it says that the people will be scattered when prophecy fails (Prov. 29:18).

From Calvin’s letter “TO THE MOST HIGH, MOST MIGHTY AND MOST ILLUSTRIOUS PRINCE, FRANCIS, MOST CHRISTIAN KING OF FRANCE,” in the delivery of the 1541 French language edition of Calvin’s Institutes. Translator: Robert White. Publisher, Banner of Truth Trust. p. xx

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