Christian Proficiency…

It is curious that the man who sticks to his job in illness, the sportsman who carries on in pain, the soldier who carries on at his post in spite of wounds, are all subjects of admiration. None are doing brilliantly well but they are showing courage and stamina; we admire them in their hardship cheerfully borne, in their sinking of self-interest for the common good. Yet if we continue with our prayer when it is dull and arid, we are ‘insincere’. If we assist at worship when we are ill, tired, and distracted, we are ‘irreverent’, and when a man under intense temptation struggles, falls, confesses; struggles, falls, confesses, over and over again without despair, then he is a ‘hypocrite’. Quite independent of interest or enthusiasm, work can be done efficiently, and prayer is work, vocation is the call to a job, conversion and Baptism imply not so much psychological experience as professional status

— Christian Proficiency by Martin Thornton

With Hearty Thanks to my brother and co-laborer, Tim Tucker, pastor of Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Fallon, Nevada.

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