An envy and wicked emulation…

Somebody tripped across this one on the blog. Worth being resuscitated.

Livin' in the foothills

This paragraph from Thomas Manton’s treatise (or collection of sermons) on the Lord’s Prayer has some affinity with a series of posts I did with the title Get Drunk and Be Somebody. In typical Puritan fashion, Manton wrings the last drops out of Matthew 6:9…Hallowed be Thy name…and sticks us in one of the places we live. We (and I suspect that we pastors are particularly prone to this) want to ‘be somebody,’ to be the instruments of God’s self-glorification. Manton strikes home on this self-glorification…

We must go to God for submission. Now there is a double submission required, which if we have not, we shall find it marvellously difficult to glorify God. One, as to the choice of instruments…

[1.] As to the choice of instruments. There is in us an envy, and wicked emulation. Oh, how hard a matter is it to rejoice in the gifts…

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