Auburn Avenue 2014…

Oh, how we love Your law!
It is our meditation all the day.
You, through Your commandments, make us wiser than our enemies;
For they are ever with us.
We have more understanding than all our teachers,
For Your testimonies are our meditation.
We understand more than the ancients,
Because we keep Your precepts.
We have restrained our feet from every evil way,
That we may keep Your word.
We have not departed from Your judgments,
For You Yourself have taught us.
How sweet are Your words to our taste,
Sweeter than honey to our mouths!
Through Your precepts we get understanding;
Therefore we hate every false way.

Our Holy Father and our God, we give You thanks for this day You have given us, for this place where we are drawn together in Christ’s name, for the faithfulness and hospitality of this church in holding this conference year by year. We give You thanks for these men, shaped through years of prayer, study, experience, chastisement…all a matter of Your grace.

We know, O Father, that the wisdom of the City of God bears no resemblance to the foolishness that is passed off as wisdom by the City of Man. Your wisdom starts with the knowledge that Jesus Christ is the most important thing that we can know about anything. The foolishness of the City of Man starts where fools start…saying that there is no God.

We pray, O God, that as these men are shaped both by the providences of their lives and by their recent preparations to open to us the wisdom of the City of God, so may we also be prepared to receive and digest it.

Be pleased, O God, to use Ken Myers, and all these your humble servants, to make us as the men of Issachar, to understand the times and to know what must be done.

All this in Christ’s holy name we pray.


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