In bonds of love…

A worthwhile contemplation from Matthew Henry’s Commentary, on Matthew 27 and Jesus going bound to Pilate. Worthwhile…to read this against Incarnation and Nativity…Coming to earth in bonds of love…

They bound Jesus. He was bound when he was first seized; but either they took off these bonds when he was before the council, or now they added to them. Having found him guilty, they tied his hands behind him, as they usually do with convicted criminals. He was already bound with the bonds of love to man, and of his own undertaking, else he had soon broken these bonds, as Samson did his. We were fettered with the bond of iniquity, held in the cords of our sins (Prov. 10:22); but God had bound the yoke of our transgressions upon the neck of the Lord Jesus (Lam. 1:14), that we might be loosed by his bonds, as we are healed by his stripes.

Matthew Henry

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