Prayer after sermon: July 13, 2014…

Father, we are but fallen humanity here, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, covered in His righteousness, knowing, O God, that we are sinners, knowing that You are going to make us like Your Son. We pray, Father, do that, whatever it takes. Open our hearts, open our minds, O God. Make Your word, make this word part of us, O God. Let us lay hold of it…as a warning. Let us not do the things that they did. And Father, when we do, because we know that we will, forgive us, O God, set us on our feet, take us by the hand, lead us on Your pathways.

Lord, may we walk Your pathways of righteousness, and may we guide those who walk them behind us, O God, not by saying “Be like me…Be like us,” but instead, O God, pointing before us and saying “Be like Jesus.”

Father, make us like Jesus.

All this in Christ’s holy name we pray.


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