Congregational Prayer: July 13, 2014…

Our Holy Father and our God, we give You thanks for Your faithfulness. Even when we struggle with our lives, we do not know what to say and we do not know what to do, we can be confident that You are faithful to still hold us up. When our faith quavers because of what is going on around us, because of what is going on within us, You call us back and speak words of comfort to us.

The greatest comfort we enjoy is the salvation we have in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We know that we have been bought back from sin and death, at the price of the precious Lamb of God. Indeed, on the mountain of the Lord it was provided for us, and Your holy and righteous wrath upon our sin and the sin of all Christ’s elect was borne for us on the Cross of Calvary.

By Your Holy Spirit, O God, move in our hearts that we might come to You in faithful repentance. When we sin, make us to know that we have a Redeemer and Intercessor, that our sins are forgiven and You have reconciled us to Yourself by the blood of His cross.
As a redeemed and reconciled people, O God, we desire to be led by Your Holy Spirit. In each and every providence that meets us, sweet and bitter, easy and hard, move us by that same Holy Spirit that our feet might stay firmly on your pathways and they might become ever more familiar to us.

Hear our thanksgiving and our petitions, O Father…

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