Congregational Prayer: June 1, 2014…

Our Holy Father and our God, we give you thanks this day for the mercy and favor we enjoy as Your children in Jesus Christ. We are thankful that we can look back upon the mighty acts of the Living God, both as they are presented to us in Your Scriptures and as we see them in our lives. We are thankful that we serve a Risen and Ascended Savior, one who inhabits the Heavenly Holy of holies, Who ever intercedes before You on our behalf.

We are thankful that in his ascension He has taken our flesh, glorified yet human, into heavenly places, assuring us that one day our glorified flesh will also inhabit there. Thankful that by His ascending You have vindicated Your eternal purposes of redemption and restoration for Your creation and for fallen mankind. By Your Spirit may we look back upon this in the Scriptures and know it to hold the promise of eternal blessedness and favor, knowing that our sure hope is an anchor set firmly behind the heavenly veil.

Father we give You thanks for new life, that already given and that promised ahead.

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