Congregational Prayer: March 9, 2014…

Our Holy Father and our God, We have come, called into Your presence, O God. But Father, because of what Your Son has done for us, because of being brought to Him, now we come and line up at the door. We come in joy, O God, because we know that we have that great forgiveness, that that infinite debt that we had has been cancelled. Indeed, O God, that it has been paid in full by Your Son, as he took our sin and its penalty upon the cross. The Lamb of infinite worth, O God, sacrificed for an infinite debt. The sufficiency of what He has done, infinite to cover the sins of all those you have given Him.

And, O God, we are thankful. Please make us more thankful by Your Spirit, O God. Please bring about in us greater and greater understanding and greater and greater thankfulness. Help us to rejoice day-by-day and even second-by-second, O God, in the salvation that has been bought for us in Your Son.

And we pray, Father, that You would bring that salvation out upon us, that even as You have given us new hearts, the effect of those new hearts would be to cause new lives to be seen on us, to bring about upon us more and more the family resemblance of the family of God. Bring about on us, O Father, love and joy, peace and patience, kindness and goodness, faithfulness and gentleness, and self-control.

Lord, Make us merciful. Lord work in our hearts that we might have hearts of forgiveness, hearts that overflow of all the blessings, because of all the blessings you have given us. Father, we have faith in You to do this. We know that in Your word it tells us that you will be faithful to complete that good work until the day of Jesus Christ. We pray, O God, be about that good work…whatever it takes. And haste the day, O God, when our faith might be sight, when we might look upon Him as He is and draw ever closer to Him.

Father, we have petitions. We come to You as Your children. And we know that as children You delight to hear us. Hear first our praises, O God, and our thanksgiving. Hear also, O God, our petitions.

We pray for B, O God. We thank You that healing has begun and we pray for speedy healing. We know what the doctors have said, O God, and we pray that the healing might be speedy and complete in a way that might make the doctors take notice that it is by God’s hand alone that things like this happen.

We pray for C, Lord, that as she prepares for her interview that You would give her firm and constant assurance in the knowledge and love of God and her Savior, Jesus Christ, that she might know that her life is hid in the triune God, that she might have the confidence of knowing that she is a daughter of the King of all kings, and that she might lean upon that in all of her life.

We pray for M and for her knowledge about grad school. We pray that that would come quickly. We give You thanks for the work that she does in teaching, and ask that You would multiply her efforts in that. We pray that her students would walk away not only knowing Latin and Classics, but that they might walk away knowing that Jesus Chris tis the most important thing they can know about anything. We pray that You would do that through her, and keep her in your care.

We pray for our families and our homes, that the educations we are giving would be centered in Your Son, that each of our children might know that Christ is the center of all things, that You are the Creator of all things, indeed, that we all might know that You are the Creator of all things, that we would have that perspective on all of life.

We pray that in our homes, as husbands we would husband our wives well and parent our children well. As wives we pray that we might do well in that as well, that we might do those things in accord with your word.

We pray for those who teach our children outside of our homes, that You would be with them. And we pray that in Your mercy they might as well teach all things under the aegis of Jesus Christ, that He might be at the center of everything that is taught.

Father, we pray for our country. We pray for our president, Barack Obama. We pray for our senators and Congressmen. We pray for our Senators and Representatives. We ask that righteousness would abound in this country. We know that that starts in the hearts of our people and we pray that there would be revival in this country, that hearts would truly be turned to Christ, not as a matter of self-interest, but only as a matter of interest and faith in You, only in the Triune God, trusting in Your righteousness. We pray for the conversion of the hearts of those who govern in this country, whether elected, appointed or employed. We pray that You would sustain things here, that we might live in peace, that we might live quiet and peaceable lives and work with our hands and do what You have called us to do.

Lord, we give You thanks for Christ’s church, and especially for this corner of it we call the CREC. We pray for the unity we have…we give You thanks for it and pray that it might increase. We pray for all of our churches.

And now, Lord, as we continue our worship, guide us by Holy Spirit. May what we do here be pleasing in Your sight and, Father, as we look upon bread and wine let us know in our hearts that we look upon a sign, that by Christ we are sealed, in Him we are strengthened. Let us know that He is with us and sets this Table for us.

All these things we pray in Christ’s Holy name.


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