Table Prayers: February 2, 2014…

Prayer over the bread

O Holy Father, Your Son has called us to Him. He has set mercy before us, O God. Mercy that cleansed us of our sins. Mercy that paid our debt. And mercy that can make us whole. O God, as we and Your whole church come together in heavenly places on this, the Lord’s Day, help us, O God to look with open eyes, and to hear with open ears…to know deep in our hearts that You have given us mercy, O God.

Congregation of the Lord, the body of Christ was broken for you. Feed on Him in your hearts with thanksgiving. Amen

Prayer over the wine

O God, we needed to be reconciled to you, to be dragged away from the self-destruction of our sin. O God, our cleansing in the blood of Christ has reconciled us to You. May Your Son lay hold of us with both hands, O God, for ours are weak. May He lay hold of us, O God, and of His whole church, that we might know the power of that reconciliation, and that we might be drawn away from sin and from our sin.

Congregation of the Lord, the blood of Christ was shed for you. May it keep your bodies and souls unto everlasting life. Amen.

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