Prayer after sermon: February 2, 2014…

O God, help us by Your Spirit to lay our lives out before You. May we trust in Christ with our whole hearts, O God…trust in Him for the salvation that hath been bought for us. That He came and went up on Calvary’s tree that we might be made sons and daughters of God, that we might be reconciled to You by the blood of His cross.

Help us to have rock-solid faith in that, and from that, O God, rock-solid faith, that our healing has begun and will continue. Help us to believe, O God that the healing now, in the Kingdom of God that has come near to us, flows out of that redemption, that reconciliation that has been bought for us.

O God, hear our voices, hear our prayers…by Holy Spirit may they be made complete and we pray by Holy Spirit…teach us how and what we ought to pray.

All these things in the all-powerful name of your Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we pray.


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