Congregational Prayer: February 2, 2014…

O God, our Father, you spoke Your word and revealed Your good news to us in Jesus the Christ. Fill all creation with that Word again, so that by proclaiming all of Your joyful promises to all nations and singing of Your glorious hope to all peoples, we may become one living body, Your incarnate presence here on earth. Gather us, the whole universe into Your radiant presence, continually reveal Your Son as our Savior. Bring healing to all wounds, make whole all that is broken, speak truth to illusion and shed light in every darkness.

We thank You, Father, that we have received that good news in Christ, that we live in the promise that He brings. We thank You that you give us opportunities to share that with the world .

We thank You for how You have provided for the M family. We thank You for Mr. M’s new job and their faithfulness in that time of trial while waiting for that.

We thank You for washing machines, and for the knowledge and skill and wisdom to repair them. We thank You, Father, that You love and care for us in all aspects of our lives.
We thank You for Your church, that we can join together, praising You, worshipping You, and through the church spreading the good news of Your incarnation and death and resurrection.

Father, we pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering under persecution. We pray that You will protect them and move the hearts of those governing them to relieve the persecution.

We thank You for our demonination, the CREC, and for the 80-some churches around the globe today, that we join in worshiping and praising You. In particular we pray for our presbytery and the leadership of our denomination, that they will continue to seek your face and seek Your wisdom as they lead us.

Bind us together, Father, as a community, as a body of believers. You have given us the faith to believe that Christ was born to die, to rise again, to give us salvation for our sinfulness. Awaken the faith to believe that the challenges and obstacles and difficulties that we see in our lives and in the lives of our friends and loved ones…faith to believe that You will act in those situations as You have in giving us new life.

Lord, there is much illness that we see in this world amongst our family and friends and neighbors…those that we know…and sometimes those illnesses look like huge mountains to us and we want them to move now. Father, give us the faith to trust that these mountains will move in Your time and in Your wisdom. Lord, we want these mountains to move. Give us the faith to pray, to believe, and to wait on Your timing. Lord, we trust You in these things.

Listen to the cries of those who pray to You and grant that as we proclaim the greatness of Your name, all people will know the power of love at work in the world.

We ask these things through Christ our Lord.

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