Congregational Prayer: January 26, 2014

Our Holy Father and our God, we come into Your presence with thanksgiving and praise for the goodness, lovingkindness and covenant faithfulness You have shown to us, to Christ’s whole church and, indeed, to Your entire creation. You have been true to Your promises, from first to last, and we know that we enjoy the results of those promises kept. The lines have truly been set for us in pleasant places.

We thank You, O Father, for the redemption that we have in Jesus Christ, as He bought a bride-church for Himself at the price of His most precious body and blood. We are a people purchased at a price that we can only begin to darkly comprehend. We look forward to a day when we will have full understanding…understanding of the complete depth of our sin and of the length and breadth and height of the love of Christ that exceeds our current knowledge. Yet with such knowledge as we now possess we give You thanks that are incomplete. We beseech You, by Holy Spirit complete our prayer of praise and thanksgiving. May He plumb the depths of our hearts and bring to Your ears the praise we do not know to express. And may He change our hearts to be conformed to Your heart and Your Son’s, that our prayers might improve.

We pray, O God, set eternity ever more firmly in our hearts. By the power of Holy Spirit may we live more and more in view of the eternal promises and view You have set before us. We are prone to live in and for today, Father. We ask that You would so fill our hearts and our minds with the sure hope of eternity that You give us in Your word, that we might live in today but for eternity. May that view and understanding change all of our lives, the way we live in our homes…the way we live in our church…the way we drive our cars…the way we use social media…the way we write…the way we teach…our dreams for our spouses, children, families, and Your entire creation. Help us to so believe that eternal future, that we might stop treasuring up things to ourselves on this earth, where death will disrobe us of all, but instead treasure up to ourselves things in heaven, where we will be eternally robed in glory.

[Congregational Concerns]

And now, O Father, as we continue our worship, please superintend this by Holy Spirit, that what we do here may be pleasing in Your sight. And as we come to this, Christ’s Table, open our eyes, our ears, indeed all of our senses, to eternity, that we might see Him as He truly is.

Father, all this in Christ’s holy name we pray.


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