Congregational Prayer: December 29, 2013

Our Holy Father and our God, we come here in the midst of this Christmas season. We come at Your calling. We come into Your presence and we join here, yet not here, with throngs…with Christ’s church triumphant in Your heavenly Holy of holies.

And tho’ we cannot hear it or see it here, O God, we know that the cry is such that the very foundations shake from the cry “Holy, Holy, Holy are You, O Lord God of Hosts…heaven and earth are full of Your glory…Hosanna in the highest!

And with angels at another time we agree as well…glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men of good will.

We come here, O God, in agreement with those who have gone before, and with those who will come after, that You are holy. You are just. You are full of mercy and full of wrath. That You are all these things and more, such that we could not recount them all were we to even try. Yet most of all, we come here in trust. We come here most of all, O God, casting ourselves upon Your mercy, knowing that, indeed, Your Son, Jesus Christ has come to this earth, has taken on human flesh, and in it has bound us to Him…that in it He is our elder brother…that in it we are Your adopted children. And Abba, Father, we come here to You as our Father.

Father, You have forgiven us. Father, from Your children, and from Your children all over the world…hear our prayers.

O God we give You thanks that You have blessed us to be in Christ’s church…we give You thanks for all of it. We pray Father, that where Christ’s church is disobedient, where it is in error, that You would chastise her, that You would bring that situation to the right. We know, O God that Jesus cleanses His church as by water through washing by the word. And we pray that we and Christ’s whole church would take part in that.

[Prayers for Christ’s church and this local church.]

And Father, as we go forward in this service, as we prepare to come to Christ’s Table, open our eyes. Help us to see your Son clearly. Help us to see Him through the lense of Scripture, which tells us who and what He is. Help us to see though the wisdom of those who have gone before us. And Father, we pray, as we eat and we drink, may we know the blessing of communing with each other, of communing with Your Son, of knowing His presence in this sign He sets before us.


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