Exhortation: First Advent 2013…

Today, brothers and sisters in Christ, is the first Sunday of Advent, the first day of the new church year. There is a natural rhythm to the year around us. As we turn the page of our Julian calendars we look around us and see a world muchly brown and, at least now, white. From the bleak midwinter, then the anticipation of spring, the life of summer, and then back into fall, as the world around us prepares to go back into its hibernation of winter again.

The poets have waxed poetical, that’s what poets do, about this cycling of the seasons. The Greeks came up with myth to explain the patterns. Those alone who trust the Scriptures know that in the changing of the seasons we see signs of Yahweh’s covenant faithfulness, His keeping of covenant cut to Noah, that

“While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest,
Cold and heat,
Winter and summer,
And day and night
Shall not cease.”

In that change of seasons, we anticipate what has been, the faithfulness of God and the dependability of His providence.

As the calendar of the church turns, however, we anticipate again Yahweh’s covenant faithfulness. But instead of regularity and sameness as the sign, we see something new, something never seen before…the coming of the Son of God to war, in a manger-chariot. It is a sign, if you will, of the keeping of an older covenant, of a deeper magic. As we turn the page to Advent, we see Yahweh’s faithfulness to His promise to crush the head of the Satan-serpent, to deal with sin and its effects once and for all.

Let the crushing begin.

Glory to God.


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