Congregational Prayer: November 3, 2013…

Our Holy Father and our God, we give You thanks for Sabbath, for this day of rest You have given to us. We give You thanks for rest, for sleep, knowing that it is a gift You give to Your beloved. We thank You that we lay ourselves down to rest in the hands of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and that we arise in Him to greet each new day, a picture of resurrection, secure in the knowledge that Your mercies are new to us as we rise.

We thank You for calling us into Your holy presence, the heavenly Holy of holies, where we join with Your innumerable heavenly host, angels, cherubim and seraphim, and Christ’s triumphant church. With them we proclaim…Holy are You, O Yahweh, Lord Sabbaoth. Heaven, the heavens and the earth are indeed full of Your glory. We see it written plain and large all around us, on valley, plains, hills, mountains and sky. We see Christ’s glory written on His church, and on each other, not only made in Your image, but being made into the image of Christ. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts and minds to perceive and understand Your glory as it presents itself round about us.

We give You thanks Father for those who have gone before us in the faith, for those recaptured by the Gospel who have passed that down to us. We rejoice that our salvation is by grace through faith, and that even that faith a gift freely given to us. We know in our hearts, O Father, that there was nothing lovely about us for You to love. We know by Your word, confirmed to us by our experience, that we are sinners and sinful and could do nothing to make ourselves acceptable in Your sight. Instead, O God, see us cloaked in Christ’s righteousness; He our Righteousness, Savior and First of Brethren of Yahweh’s children.

It is only as Your children that we may come to You in prayer. Hear our petitions, O God…

[Congregational concerns]

And now, Father, as we continue our worship, please superintend this by Holy Spirit, that what we do here may be pleasing in Your sight.

As we come to this Table, set here for our great benefit and comfort, give us eyes to peer into the mystery of what our Savior has done for us. Christ has died…Christ is risen…Christ will come again…all these for us, and that only by Your grace and mercy.

All this we pray in His holy name.


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