Grace Agenda quotes…

I was blessed to attend the Grace Agenda conference up in Moscow, Idaho last week. I put up a bunch of quotes (or almost quotes) from sessions and sermons on twitter, but can’t get them to Facebook or blog easily from my phone.

As opposed to flooding Facebook with posts, I’ll just put a whole bunch of quotes in one post.

If you don’t want forgiveness because you want Him then you don’t want it for the right reasons. @JohnPiper

Lostness is blindness to Divine Glory. @Johnpiper

Justification by faith is Good News because it allows me to see the Glory without being consumed. @Johnpiper

The Gospel is the Gospel of the Glory. @Johnpiper

The Spirit hovered over the waters. Since Pentecost the Spirit hovered over the Church. @Tjsumpter

His sheep ALWAYS hear His voice…and He ALWAYS sets them free. @Tjsumpter

The root of confusion is guilt and sin. @Tjsumpter

The most fundamental language barrier was created in the Garden. @Tjsumpter

We will say “We were miserable servants.” He will say “Well done, good and faithful servants.” @dougwils #graceagenda

God’s process of shaking heaven and earth is what we call “human history.” @dougwils #graceagenda

Jesus prays for you with a compelling case…His shed blood. @Dougwils #graceagenda

We should want to get Gospel right…Church right…World restored. @Dougwils #graceagenda

When you covet you turn away from that thing that will most satisfy you. Ben Merkle #graceagenda

What is it that you want for your children? What are you nurturing them into? Tim Chester #graceagenda

Never underestimate the power of a Gospel home. Tim Chester #graceagenda

Satan says “You’ll be free if you rebel against God.” It’s a lie. Tim Chester #graceagenda

Lattimer tied to the stake…”We’ve got ’em now.” @dougwils #graceagenda

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