Congregational Prayer: July 14, 2013

Our Holy Father we give You thanks for this day You have given us, for the beauty of this place, these surroundings You have set us in, where Your glory is written large upon the face of the mountains, where we see your glory in the skies. We give You thanks, O God, for the rain that refreshes the face of the earth and we pray, O God, for more. We ask, Father, that You would indeed refresh this dry and dusty land with the rain that you send upon the just and the unjust.

We give You thanks, O God for the provision of this place we have here, to gather for worship. We thank you for the very lives You have given us. And most of all, O God, we give You thanks for the salvation You have provided us in your Son, the eternal life you give us in our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is mercy beyond measure, beyond compare, that we can rest in Him, that we can cast our cares upon Him, that we are able to live in His presence with a view to the glorious future that is ours in Him because of what He has done for us.

In these that appear to be J’s last days, We pray for her that you would keep her in comfort and peace in these days that she might pass through the veil in confidence that we cannot see from the outside, but that she can feel on the inside…coming home to You, coming home to her Lord and Savior.

We pray for our brothers and sisters at C. That you would expand their numbers, that they might not be discouraged and that they would have a renewed vision for the use You are making of them, and that you would give Your word to those who preach there, that Sunday by Sunday, Lord’s Day by Lord’s Day Your Word would be faithfully preached.

Lord, You know our hearts, You know our minds. You know what is on this page. And You know what we keep in our hearts. O God, by Your Holy Spirit, as You say through Your apostle, complete our prayers. We are dull and slow, O God, and You tell us that we don’t even know what to pray for. We pray O God, bring those things out of our hearts by Your Holy Spirit. May they rise to Your ear. Hear, O Yahweh. Act, O Father.

And Father, as we prepare to proceed, superintend this by Your Holy Spirit. As we come to Christ’s table, may he be present with us, may He speak to us in broken bread and poured-out wine. May He speak love to our souls.

Father, all this in His holy name we pray.


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