More concerned with defending ourselves…

Sometimes we get involved in a legitimate issue and discern, perhaps with accuracy, the right and wrong of the matter. However, in pushing the right side, our egos get so bound up with the issue that in our view opponents are not only in the wrong, but attacking us. When we react with anger, we may deceive ourselves into thinking we are defending the truth and the right, when deep down we are more concerned with defending ourselves.

D.A. Carson

This quote is from Carson’s book Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount And His Confrontation with the World. The portion from which this quote is taken was written in 1978. Think about the timing of this. This was written at least two decades before the internet and email became part of our everyday ‘conversation’ (as the Puritans would have put it). True when written, the application to our electronic discourse is increased exponentially./THB

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