Congregational Prayer: May 5, 2013…

Our Holy Father and our God, we give You thanks for this day You have given us. We thank You for the beauty of this place you have set us in, where we see Your glory writ in large hand upon sky and mountain. We thank You for the families You have blessed us with, as husbands for the wives you have given us, as wives for our husbands, as parents for the olive trees you have set around our tables, and as children for the parents you have given us to. We thank You for the many physical adoptions we have in the midst of our congregation, and for the dim reflection they give us of the adoption we have in Jesus Christ. We thank You for the physical provision of our homes, of food on our tables, of roofs over our heads, of vehicles, gasoline, electricity, water, and all those things which sustain our lives. We thank You for the strength and skills we have been given as men, that allow us to labor to sustain and maintain our households. We thank you for the strength you have given our sons, that they might in turn labor to sustain and maintain households, and for the spirit You have placed in our daughters, that they might follow their mothers and be fruitful vines in the households you place them in. We give You thanks for safe travels completed, and travels to come.

We thank you for Your gracious providence, both sweet and hard. We thank You as our Heavenly and Holy Father, for the ways in which You succor us and form us, for the times of comfort and the times of chastisement.

We understand, O God, that none of these things for which we thank You come of their own. Each and every one of them, and the infinite blessings we receive, are ours solely through Your grace and favor. And we are thankful for that grace and favor which are ours solely through Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. He has bought us back from sin and death by His work finished on the cross of Calvary. It is only in Him that there is salvation, only in Him that there is healing, only in Him that there is life. We thank You, His Father and our Father, His God and our God, for the salvation wrought, for the reconciliation You have brought between us and Yourself through the blood of the cross. We are thankful, O God, as thankful as we can be, yet not as thankful as we should be. And we thank You that a day will come when we will join those souls of righteous men made perfect, when our praise to You will be made perfect as well.

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