Congregational Prayer: April 21, 2013

Our Holy Father, we have come into Your presence only because You have called us from the darkness of this world into Your marvelous light. We did not know to come nor how to come. Nothing that we might have thought or felt or done would have been sufficient to reconcile us to You, but would have served to widen an already-infinite chasm between us and You.

It is only by Your eternal and infinite mercy and grace that we have been reconciled to You, through the finished work of Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. We pray, O Father, make us like Him. Give us eyes to see Him as He is, and to see us as we are. By Holy Spirit help us to judge ourselves rightly, to look into the perfect law of liberty and continue in it. As we look…as we consider ourselves…help us to also constantly see Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Bring about in us the family resemblance of the family of God. May Your desires be our desires, Your love our love, Your enemies our only enemies. Give us steadfast hope that we might not in any way have or show fear of any man or any situation, knowing full well that all things, indeed, will work to our good…to conform us to the image of Christ and to bring about Your glory in and around us.

Father, as Your children we come to You. You have called, we have come. We have confessed, You have heard and forgiven. Now, O God, hear our prayers.

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