Why am I afraid?!?!?!…

It is very important to ask the right questions. And it is important to ask the right kind of questions. We are so frequently like the disciples in the boat with Jesus in Matthew 8:23-27. Jesus asks the existential question…”Why are you afraid, ‘littlefaiths’?” Instead of asking themselves the same question, the disciples take the easier option and ask a systematic theology question: “What sort of man is this?”

The disciples had the benefit of seeing Jesus heal a leper, a centurion’s servant and Peter’s mother, cast out demons, etc. We have the benefit of all of what they saw, plus the marks of God’s hand prints on our own lives, plus the witness of the apostles’ writings.

So…when we look at an empty cross and an empty tomb, we ought not first wonder “What happened here,” but “Why am I afraid, littlefaith?”


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