Into which he will not fit…

Listening to the Ligonier Ministries National Conference again last night, on my way to pick up our son at the airport…

I don’t post this to be self-serving (at least I hope not). My congregation does not do this. And this admonition from Dr. Ferguson is certainly not so specific as to relate only to Dr. Sproul…but to any one of dozens of online ‘teachers’ out there…not to mention all of the reading material available.

…Calvin says ‘the church that does not catechize,’ and he does not mean that in a narrow sense, ‘the church that doesn’t teach doctrine, as well as expounding Scripture, is not going to last’…it’s not going to have the muscle…it’s not going to have the sinews.

The second thing to say to all of us who are here as a people…we want this…do we not want this? But we need to be very careful that we are clear what we want, that we want our pastors and our teachers to do this. Aye, you heard a superb exposition of Christian doctrine from R.C. at the beginning of the conference, and you may think to yourself ‘If only R.C. were in our church it would be very different.’

That’s not God’s plan. So do not go away superimposing onto your own pastor a standard, a mold, into which your own pastor will not fit. But make sure you encourage him in this way.

Sinclair Ferguson

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