As ever meant to be lived…

If you follow this blog you know that my primary source of ‘blog-fodder’ is quotes from my reading.

For the last two days I have spend a significant amount of time in the car, and my companions have been the speakers at this year’s Ligonier Ministries National Conference. The below, from Sinclair Ferguson’s first lecture “Doctrine in the Dock,” struck me, and I thought I might share it with whoever might be interested…

I am the Lord your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

There’s so much just in that statement. There’s His great redemptive work…there’s His covenant character by which He binds Himself to His people. There is the logic of the Gospel… “It is because of who I am, and what I am that you are called to live in this way. That these commandments are not simply a collection of random thoughts I have heard, that you might like or you might find difficult. This is My calling of My redeemed people to be the humanity that I created you to be, but from which you have fallen since the days of Adam. What I am doing here is putting on display, in your ghastly pagan society, what it means for men and women as a community to live to the glory of God and reflect the very character of God. So that the pagans around you , no matter how much they may hate the particularity of what I have done in you, will not be able to withstand the thought… ‘This is life as it was ever meant to be lived.’ “

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