Easy to say…

Last weekend I attended the annual Clarus conference at Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque. The speakers were Paul Tripp and Timothy Lane. The conference title was “One-Anothering the Word.” To use Paul Tripp’s words, the theme of the conference was to develop a Christian understanding of ‘friendship.’

The entire conference was valuable. But one of the most outstanding things was the transparency of the speakers. It is so frequent that conference speakers ‘lay it out’ in their lectures…as if it were easy…or as if they find it easy…or whatever. You can only say so much in a given period of time, and the ‘content’ generally overruns the allotted time, so the nitty gritty of application (and application…and failure…and application…and failure…and application…) gets left behind. That misses the point that sanctification is a process, and we learn in our failure and our struggles. Failure and struggle is part of the content, too.

Tripp and Lane were clear…as Paul Tripp said… ‘This stuff is easy to say…and we struggle with it, too.’

Thank you Paul Tripp and Tim Lane. Making the struggles part of the lesson was worth the price of attendance.

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