Thoughts from my grandfather…

My name is Thomas Hudson Brainerd. My son is “Hudson,” Thomas Hudson Brainerd, Jr. the ‘Hudson’ in both of our names is tribute to my grandfather, Harold Gordon Hudson. He was my grandmother’s third husband. They sent a telegram to my parents on their honeymoon, telling them that they (Harold and Ruth) would be in Hawaii on their honeymoon.

Harold was a Canadian serving in the AEF in WWI, later naturalized as a US citizen. He was an examiner for the Chicago Fed during the Depression, and later ended up with a majority interest (if not all) in a bank in my hometown, Alpena, Michigan.

I do not know about the state of his soul. He attended a Congregational church in the days before things truly went south in that group. He was one of the most contented men I ever knew. He smoked cigars in his living room, and gave me my first cigar.

I found the following in his hand in the drawer of a desk in my grandmother’s apartment when she died. It certainly seems something Harold Hudson would have said…

Harold Hudson Writings

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