Congregational Prayer: November 25, 2012…

To Be Fit For God

Heavenly Father!
Thou maker and sustainer of all things!


Day and night are thine,
heaven and earth declare thy glory;
But we, creatures of thy power and bounty,
have sinned against thee by resisting the dictates of conscience,
the demands of thy law, and the calls of thy gospel,
yet we live under the dispensation of a given hope.
Deliver us from worldly dispositions,
for we are born from above and bound for glory.
May we view and long after holiness
as the beauty and dignity of the soul.
Let us never slumber, never lose our assurance,
never fail to wear armour when passing through enemy land.
Fit us for every scene and circumstance;
Stay our minds upon thee and turn our trials to blessings,
that they may draw out our gratitude and praise
as we see their design and effects.
Render our obedience to thy will holy, natural, and delightful.
Rectify all our principles by clear, consistent,
and influential views of divine truth.
Let us duly regard the doctrine and practice of the gospel,
prizing its commands as well as its promises.
Sanctify us in every relation, office, transaction and condition of life,
that if we prosper we may not be unduly exalted,
if we suffer we may not be over-sorrowful.
Balance our minds in all varying circumstances
and help us to cultivate a disposition that renders every duty
a spiritual privilege.
Thus may we be content,
be a glory to thee
and an example to others.

The above is taken from The Valley of Vision, by Arthur Bennett, published by the Banner of Truth Trust. It is copyrighted material and reproduced here by permission. The full book, The Valley of Vision, is available from


Heavenly Father, we cry out to You this morning, Your people in the midst of trials, Your people in the midst of triumphs. You called us out of the world and into this place this morning, and it is our pleasure to offer You praise and to sing to Your glory, to hear Your word read and taught. It is up to us, then, to take that word into our hearts and into our minds, and we pray this morning, Father, that You would help us do that. We can’t do it on our own. We fall on our face over and over. But through the grace that You have shown us, through the power of Your only-begotten Son, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can and shall walk as examples of what it means to love You.

Father, we pray for many things. We, among us have many different trials that we are undergoing, individually, within families, external to our families, with our friends, in our workplaces, in our everyday interaction with the world. We pray, Lord, that in every instance and in every circumstance we would give the right answer, that we would behave in a manner that would glorify You.

Lord, we thank You for giving us, as families, these blessings in the form of all of our children. We know, as parents, this is a method of sanctification for us, and we pray for the strength and courage and wisdom to raise our children in the nurture and admonition, in accordance with Your word. To set them on the right path, to give them the insight into what it means to walk and talk in the manner that glorifies You. We thank You that we are able to raise our children without persecution, as exists in many other places. We praise You for that.

Lord we have many who are ill, dealing with disease, facing death. It is a hard road. We have many opportunities to fail. We pray Lord that You would continually lift us up in those circumstances, that we would show compassion, that we would reach out, that we would take care of those that we love.

We thank You for giving us a pastor who knows who he is in light of Your word. That brings us a message from Your word after much thought, contemplation and prayer. We pray that You would continue to strengthen him in that endeavor. We thank You for his family and for their service to this body.

We thank You for the leaders of our denomination, Lord, and pray that You would continue to strengthen them, give them wisdom, that they would forever stay within the bounds of Your word, preaching and teaching as You have given them to do.

Lord, we pray for our government that You have put in place. We pray that they would operate within the confines of Your decrees. And we pray for their hearts, that they would seek to govern in accordance with Your word. And where those hearts need to be turned, that You would do the turning.

Father, we love You, we sing our praises to You and lift our prayers to You, knowing that You pay attention to every detail. We thank You for our health, for our providence, and Your provision.

Father, it is in Your Son’s name, through the Holy Spirit, that we pray.



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