Congregational prayer: November 18, 2012…

O God, we look back in our country and we see a time when there were those who first came. Those who looked and understood that they had been sustained by Your providence, by You hand in their lives. And we celebrate that this week. We will celebrate it at tables that are filled with turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and any number of delectable things. And it will be a feast.

You, O God, provide for us in our every exigency, in our every trouble, in our every trial. In all of our needs we know that You provide for us, and do so abundantly. And we know Father that in our trials and exigencies, as we are in Christ, they are chastisements to form us, to shape us, to make us more like Him. We know, O God, that you have promised to complete that good work You have begun in us, to conform us to the image of your Son, and we give thanks to You for that.

We thank You for the food on our tables. We thank You for the roofs over our heads. And we thank you, O God, that You provide all we need to keep us alive. You have provided all we need to give us eternal life in Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. We know that in Him we have gone from enemy to friend, that in Him we are now children of the Heavenly Father, of the Almighty and Ever-living God.

It is a thing in which we bask, a thing that we do not understand, a thing that we do not enjoy as fully as we should. We pray, O Father, that as You make us more like Your Son, that, indeed, you will increase our love for You and our enjoyment of all that this means.

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