Congregational Prayer: November 11, 2012

Most Gracious Heavenly Father…

We gather on this the first day of the week to remember and celebrate Your Son’s rising on the first day, to celebrate that we were buried with Him in baptism and raised to new life through His resurrection.

This is also the 94th anniversary of the Armistice that concluded the war that was called by rulers of that time “the war to end all wars.” But we know it did not end all wars, and that wars shall not cease until Christ comes again in glory to make all of His enemies His footstool and to cast the final enemy, Death, in to the lake of fire.

We pray for the rulers of our time, including those just elected to all levels of our government, that they would not rage and take counsel against You and against Your Anointed, but rather, that they would be wise, serve You with trembling and kiss Your Son.

Father, through Your Holy Spirit give us comfort as we look at national and world events to remember and rest in knowing that You are Sovereign over all this.

When faced with the geopolitical uncertainties of his time, the prophet Habakkuk told us that the just shall live by faith.

And so it is by faith in the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ that we bring to You our concerns and petitions.

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