No pressure…

Bishop Ryle on preaching…

Let us notice the way in which our Lord commenced his mighty work. “He began to preach.”

There is no office so honorable as that of the preacher. There is no work so important to the souls of men. It is an office which the Son of God was not ashamed to take up. It was an office to which He appointed His twelve apostles. It is an office to which St. Paul in his old age specially directs Timothy’s attention. He charges him with almost his last breath to “preach the word.” It is the means which God has always been pleased to use above any other for the conversion and edification of souls. The brightest days of the church have been those when preaching has been honored. The darkest days of the church have been those when it has been lightly esteemed. Let us honor the sacraments and public prayers of the church, and reverently use them. But let us beware that we do not place them above preaching.

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