Congregational Prayer: October 7, 2012…

Our Father and our God, Sovereign over all of creation, over things seen and unseen, You have called us into Your holy presence. We, who are of less than no consequence, sinful and unclean, have been summoned to appear before the One who is all consequence, perfect in power, in love and purity. We come knowing that it is only because of Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ that we can. From all eternity You purposed to give Him to us as our Savior, and to give us to Him as a people. Though black-hearted sinners, with no righteousness of our own and deserving only of destruction, we come trusting in the righteousness of Christ, made ours by His atoning sacrifice for us, vindicated by His glorious resurrection.

In Him, O God, you have changed us from enemies into friends and, indeed, children and co-heirs with Christ of the Majesty on high. In Him we are recreated, our hearts of stone taken away and replaced with hearts of flesh. We come before You, Father, sinners and sinful, yet knowing that You have begun a good work in us, of conforming us to the image of Jesus. We look forward to a day when Your glory will be fully revealed in Christ’s church and all of creation, when the whole of creation will be restored, the City of Man is wholly removed and the whole earth is the City of God.

We pray, O God, that You would give us wisdom to drive out our foolishness. Sheep are stupid and in Your Word we are likened to sheep for a reason. We are prone to wander, prone to take our eyes off of You and Your light and to stray off of Your strait path straight into the various snares and temptations of the City of Man. By Holy Spirit keep us in pathways of righteousness and out of the pathways of darkness. When we lay awake in our beds at night, struggling with our fears or plotting out our tactics to deal with those who have wronged us, give us rest in Christ. Call us to prayer and to repentance for our lack of trust in Your care and vindication.

In this political season, as we consider our role and our vote, grant us wisdom to consider all that your word says about living in this world, as the City of God hidden in plain sight in the City of Man. With Abraham, O Father, we are aliens in the midst of the Canaanites, yet the inheritors of all the earth. In this time of waiting for the consummation of the rule of Christ, give us wisdom to pray for those You have placed in political authority, whether elected, appointed or employed, that they would rule with wisdom and justice, that those of them who are not Christ’s would be converted by the Gospel, and that You would break the teeth of those of them who are and will continue to be Your enemies. Give us and Christ’s whole church in this country wisdom as we prepare to vote. Set before us clearly the pathway of righteousness in that regard as well, for we know that You are Lord and Sovereign over all, and that those we elect are Your ministers.

[Congregational Concerns]

And now, O God, as we continue our worship, please continue to superintend us by Holy Spirit, that our worship might be pleasing in Your sight. O Jesus, be with us at the Table You set for us in the presence of the City of Man. Bless our meal today. And bless us this afternoon, as we dance before the Lord of all creation.

All this we pray in Christ’s holy name.


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